Off Any Radon
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Off Any Radon
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Foundation Repair

South Dakota | Nebraska | Wyoming

Blackburn Foundation Repair of South Dakota is a leader in the industry. As such we provide top-quality professional foundation repair and support services and solutions. Our structural engineers and contractors specialize in a wide variety of techniques, including crawl space piering and reinforcement, foundation earth anchoring, foundation wall anchor installations, push piers and all manner of foundation support solutions for failing or weakened home foundations.

What seem to be minor nuisances; small cracks in plaster or drywall, doors or windows that stick, can be the first signs of a failing foundation. These symptoms, if left unchecked, can worsen and can manifest themselves as larger cracks, sagging chimneys or bowing walls. Once the damage progresses that far they can worsen and can, in time, lead to complete foundation failure. The only realistic option you have when your foundation begins to fail is to repair it, the sooner the better. Foundation problems never go away, and the market for your home will be poor, if it can legally be sold at all.

We at Blackburn Foundation Repair understand that having a home with a failing foundation can be a very serious and vexing problem. Our engineers and contractors are experienced at taking these problems and making them disappear via simple, permanent solutions. To this end we provide free estimates for foundation repair in South Dakota (including Aberdeen, Watertown, Sioux Falls, Miller, and Rapid City), Wyoming and Nebraska. We’d love to meet you and discuss your needs.

SmartJack Crawl Space Support System

If your home has a crawl space there are many causes for sagging floors: weak foundation soil, columns that are settling or improperly spaced being among the most common. If your home has sagging floors or joists replacing the structure is not your only option. The SmartJack Crawl Space Foundation Support System is the fastest, most cost-effective solution to the problem of sagging floor beams and joists in your home. SmartJack is also fully compatible with the CleanSpace crawl space Encapsulation System as well, providing homeowners in Sioux Falls and other South Dakota locations with a complete solution for their foundation and crawl space needs.

The SmartJack system provides numerous advantages over old-fashioned concrete columns that are still used in some areas of South Dakota for crawl space supports. Beside the time needed for concrete to cure these columns are non-adjustable and will need to be shimmed, sometimes more than once, to provide adequate support. Shimming is not a permanent solution nor can it lift floors and walls, potentially causing more damage. The light-duty jack post, another alternative, will not address weak foundation soil, are difficult to adjust, and operate under very limited capacities.

The SmartJack system uses galvanized steel crawl space support columns that address all these shortcomings and more. Able to support vertical loads of over 60,000 pounds each they can be installed in less than a day. Their design also allows them to spread the load to even poor existing soils without fear of failure. Using the SmartJack system our contractors in South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska can return your structure to nearly its original condition.

Blackburn Foundation Repair of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska would be pleased to show you the SmartJack System and what it can do to help restore your building and its value. Please call or contact us for a free, no obligation estimate for your crawl space or other structural repair today!

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