Off Any Radon
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Off Any Radon
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Foundation Wall Repair

South Dakota | Nebraska | Wyoming

Foundation Wall Anchor System

Bowing or buckling foundation walls can be restored to structural soundness and can be reinforced by the installation of foundation wall anchors. Foundation wall anchors can also be used to prevent deterioration of the walls’ structure, bracing it and potentially returning it to position.

Pressure from the earth against the foundation can cause cracks to form in South Dakota foundation walls. As this pressure increases beyond the load-bearing capacity of the wall the structure is forced inward and that damages the wall, weakening it and reducing the walls’ ability to support the weight of the building above it.

Supportworks GeoLock Wall Anchor System is the best, most reliable product for repairing foundation walls in South Dakota, Wyoming or Nebraska. Completely replacing foundation walls is very expensive, invasive and may not fix the underlying conditions that caused the damage in the first place. Foundation wall anchors, installed by Blackburn Foundation Repair, are a space-efficient, non-disruptive and much less costly alternative to other wall bracing systems used in the industry.

The GeoLock Wall Anchor System uses interior wall plates on the interior and earth anchors on the exterior of the foundation and a steel reinforced rod to correct and reinforce foundation walls. These anchors install easily with minimal disruption to landscaping, gardens, pools and patios around the home.

Permanently Stabilize Your Foundation Walls with PowerBrace™

PowerBrace ServiceThe PowerBrace system permanently stabilizes your home’s foundation walls. Zinc-plated steel beams are custom-fit to your basement wall height and secured tight against your basement wall with brackets anchored to your basement floor and floor joists. PowerBrace’s unique, patented design allows the system to be tightened over time, potentially reversing wall failure without any invasive drilling or digging on the property.

  • No heavy equipment needed for installation.
  • No disturbance to lawn and landscaping.
  • Zinc-plated system resists corrosion.
  • Can be tightened during dry seasons to straighten wall over time.

The PowerBrace™ system is backed by a 25-year product warranty from Supportworks® as well as a service warranty from Blackburn Foundation Repair.

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SupportworksThere are many options for the homeowner with a basement or crawl space in South Dakota (including AberdeenWatertownSioux FallsMiller, and Rapid City), Wyoming or Nebraska that has cracks, bowing or buckling walls. Wall anchors are a sound choice of foundation repair systems because wall anchors do not rely on floor joint strength or any existing structure for support or to provide counter-pressure.

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