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Off Any Radon
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South Dakota | Nebraska | Wyoming

Uneven concrete slabs are a common problem for homeowners in South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming. Unsightly cracks and uneven surfaces can create a tripping hazard on walkways, driveways, patios or concrete steps. Lifting sunken concrete slabs may seem impossible, but new technology offers a way to do it.

Mudjacking, or slab jacking, is the traditional procedure for fixing this problem– A mixture of mortar and mud is injected under concrete that has settled over time. The slurry spreads out and fills voids below the concrete slab and solidifies, essentially pushing the slab up from underneath. An imprecise procedure that can produce uneven results, mudjacking has been the most practical repair method until now.

At Blackburn Foundation Repair, we recommend PolyLevel® as an alternative that is better than mudjacking in most situations. The system injects expanding polymer foam that provides a more efficient repair than mudjacking. The PolyLevel® process relies on advances in technology to create filler that works much better than a slurry mix of cement, sand, soil and water.

Video of PolyLevel® in Action!

If you need a durable and long lasting solution for your walkways, driveways, patio or concrete steps, contact Blackburn Foundation Repair today by filling out a free repair estimate or by calling toll-free at (800) 392-3389. We’ll discuss the most reasonable and effective options for fixing all your uneven concrete slab issues.

Understanding the Limitations of Mudjacking

Mudjacking is also known as: Slab Jacking, Concrete lifting, Concrete raising, Grout pumping, Slab leveling

PolyLevel® provides a versatile solution for a range of concrete repairs. Mudjacking works best in conjunction with slab piers for heavy concrete structures. In most cases, the traditional repair cannot provide a standalone solution for raising a slab that supports heavy walls. When mudjacking seems unlikely to provide an effective remedy, we recommend using slab piers instead.

Mudjacking may succeed in lifting a slab, but the imprecise influx of slurry can cause walls to lift more in some areas than in others. Controlling the effect of filling spaces below a foundation can present significant challenges. The limitations of the slurry mix include its temporary nature. While it may fill existing voids, the underlying soils may continue to settle over time and require repeated applications. The lasting solution for sinking concrete slabs, driveways, patios and walkways is PolyLevel® that repairs them once and for all.

Choosing PolyLevel® as the Best Repair Option

Injecting a strong but lightweight material into spaces under slabs avoids stressing weakened soils with concrete that weighs about 120 pounds for a single cubic foot. Porous concrete absorbs water that increases its weight, but waterproof PolyLevel® retains its weight of 4 pounds per cubic foot in all weather conditions.

The miracle product is stable, never reacting to soils, chemicals or moisture, and it cures quickly. Our expert technicians use formulas and calculations to adjust the density for proper support of a structure. They understand the complexity of coping with soils that have high clay content. Accordingly, they adjust the formulas to provide a clean repair that does no harm to underlying soils.

Taking Action

Aside from creating an unsightly and unkempt appearance in your yard, uneven concrete can cause someone to trip and fall. As spring and summer approach and you plan to entertain friends and family outdoors, now is the time to make your patio, walkways, steps and other sinking concrete structures safe and attractive. We take pride in our reputation as a leader in concrete leveling, and we can provide superior service for you.

Contact Blackburn Foundation Repair today by filling out a free repair estimate or by calling toll-free at (800) 392-3389.

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