Helical Pier System, Foundation Under Pinning

Blackburn Basement Systems of South Dakota is a provider of top-quality services for foundation leveling and underpinning. Foundation settlement problems are typically caused by changing soil conditions around and below your home in Aberdeen, WatertownSioux FallsMiller, and Rapid City of South Dakota. Blackburn Basement Systems helps you settle the foundation problems in exterior walls of your home, cracks in the drywall on interior walls, doors and windows.

The Foundation Supportworks’ Helical Pier system is the solution for this type of foundation settlement.

For both heavy structures and light structures such as stoops, decks and wing walls Foundation Supportworks’ Helical Pier system is uniquely suited . To avoid any unnecessary disruption to your lawn and landscape installations can be performed year-round and utilize small construction equipment or hand equipment .

The Foundation Supportworks’ Helical Pier system uses rugged steel galvanized helical piers advanced deep into the earth’s soil to transfer the weight of your home onto competent, load-bearing strata or bedrock. During the installation, helical pier sections are mechanically screwed into the soil. The piers are carefully monitored as they are advanced deep into the soil to achieve capacity.

The Foundation Supportworks’ Helical Pier system will restore your home’s structural integrity against wetting and softening of soils, drying and shrinking of soils, and poorly compacted fill soils. They provide free foundation settlement estimates in South Dakota (including Aberdeen, WatertownSioux FallsMiller, and Rapid City), and they’d like to meet with you for a free consultation.